How to understand if it is Possible to be Able to Log/Create, but not then View Enquiries in Confirm

Product Feature: Customer Services


As part of a process a user has been requested by their business to lock down Enquiries that are part of a particular scheme.

For Audit reasons, only one particular team can look at the Enquiries logged. They require a different team, their Contact Centre, to log the Enquiries but without being able to view them.

Is there any way that certain users can log Enquiries without subsequently being able to view them? 


The above scenario is not possible to achieve.

If anyone creates the Enquiry they will have to be able to view it as well. We control the visibility of Enquiries through Data Security on the Enquiry Subjects (with reference to Data Security Keys (please see the Confirm help for further information). 

If we limit the access to an Enquiry Subject for a particular user then that user will not be able to log Enquiries.
UPDATED:  September 20, 2017