How to build the EWS (early warning system) database file using CODE-1 Plus

There are three major steps you must perform to use EWS in your CODE-1 Plus jobs:
Step 1 — Download the latest EWS File onto the NT/Windows machine. This file can be found on at the USPS RIBBS web site
Step 2 — Unzip the downloaded file to extract the EWS raw data.
Step 3 — Translate the downloaded EWS File into a form that is recognized by CODE-1 Plus by using the C1AUXBLD utility.
Step 4 — Tell CODE-1 Plus you want to use the translated EWS database, the Auxiliary File, in your job by using the AUXIL1 parameter or field P9IAUX in P9IN if calling C1MATCHx
CODE-1 Plus provides the C1AUXBLD utility program so you can build an EWS file as often as needed. This utility builds a Pitney Bowes-formatted file that will be
utilized by the EWS module/lookup program.  Please see the attached CODE-1 Plus User Guide for information on building the AUX file for each platform supported by CODE-1 Plus.  This information starts on Page 207.
UPDATED:  April 11, 2017