How to determine which operating systems are supported for Content Author 6.4

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

This information can be found in the Requirements-->Software Requirements section of the Content Author release notes that are provided with product.  Below is the extract from the documentation:

Software requirements
Content Author has been tested on the following 32 bit and 64 bit platforms:
• Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Update(64 bit only),
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update (64 bit only)
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1
• Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
and requires the following software:
• Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
• SQL Server 2012 or 2008 with Reporting Services.
You must ensure that the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator service is
running and, if part of a distributed installation, is configured to allow network
SQL Server 2012 or 2008 must be set up in SQL Mixed Authentication mode.
• Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher. You can use the link on the contents window (automatically
launched when you load the CD) to download this software.
• Ghostscript – if you are going to use EPS images.
Content Author also requires the following, which the installation process will install
automatically if necessary:
• Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client
• Microsoft Shared Management Objects for SQL Server
• Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server
• Windows Installer 4.5
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
• Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005
• Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1 – 32 bit and 64 bit
Note that the following operating systems are also supported if you are running SQL Server
2008 :
• Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017