How to create/edit MapInfo Pro tab files outside of MapInfo Pro

We do not publish the internal specifications for TAB files (e.g. the binary format files) as it is a proprietary format. There have been users who have reverse engineered the format and created an MITAB library. However this is not going to contain everythingneed or be completely up to date.

If you would like to create tables on your own, you can try to use MITAB library. This a 3rd party product and is not supported by Pitney Bowes. Alternatively you can contact MapInfo Pro Product Management and obtain a license to use our own MFAL library for your applications.

We do publish the MapInfo Interchange Format (MIF\MID) files in our documentation, and it does have most of the info you would find in the text-based *.TAB file itself. If deciding to use MITAB or another solution other than MFAL however, you will need to seek support with the supplier of the solution.
UPDATED:  March 30, 2017