MapInfo Pro 64-bit and how to correctly paste objects

UPDATED: April 12, 2017

In MapInfo Pro 64-bit, copying and posting objects can be problematic as sometimes the needed paste. etc. button is grayed out.

Assume an object is selected.  Then go to the Home tab and select copy.
Make the cosmetic layer editable and then click on Home again, expecting to Paste but the paste button is grayed out.

After copying or cutting the object,  make cosmetic layer editable
(or whatever layer desired to where the object will be copied), but before clicking HOME, first click on the tab for the mapper with the editable layer, THEN click on HOME and paste will now be available.

User-added image
Multiple mappers, browser's etc. with various tab's can be present or open, and MiPro needs to know specifically which tab has the desired editable layer.
Clicking on the relevant tab achieves this and allows the Paste function (or CTRL-V) to work as expected.

Environment Details

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


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