How to connect Spectrum to MS SQL Server using Windows authentication

UPDATED: April 4, 2017

The default Microsoft SQL Server JDBC connection included with Spectrum is designed to connect using mixed-mode or SQL authentication.  When using Windows authentication, a new JDBC driver needs to be registered in Spectrum.
  1. Download the jTDS driver from the project page:
  2. Unzip the jtds-n.n.n.jar file to a location on the Spectrum host machine.
  3. In Management Console, go to the JDBC drivers section and add a new driver.
  4. Enter the driver class name value:  
  5. Enter the connection string template:  
  6. Define three connection properties.  The tokens must be "user", "port", and "domain".  The labels can be more descriptive.
  7. In the driver files section, browse to the location of the jtds-n.n.n.jar file.
  8. Save the new driver information.
  9. In the Connections section of Management Console, create a new connection using the new JDBC driver.
  10. Enter the Windows domain user, password, and domain information for the SQL Server user.

The general steps for creating a new JDBC driver can be found here:  

Spectrum version 11.0
Spectrum version 10.0 SP1 and earlier


Environment Details

Products Affected:  Spectrum Technology Platform,Enterprise Data Integration Module, Management Console,Enterprise Designer
Product Feature: JDBC Drivers
Operating System: All
Database: Microsoft SQL Server
Configuration: Not stated


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