Implementing the Rectangle Object dialog window from MapInfo Pro in MapXtreme

UPDATED: April 11, 2017

MapXtreme does not make use of dialog windows like MapInfo Pro does. However you will need a double click handler and create a dialog window to implement this in your application.

You can implement the MapControl.Tools.FeatureSelecting and/or MapControl1.Tools.FeatureSelected event handlers to detect the selection of Rectangle feature geometry. The FeatureSelectingEventArgs passed to these handlers contain a collection of features (e.g. Selection) that are selected via the Selection Tool.

Also, during the addition of rectangle through the AddRectangleMapTool, the FeatureAddingEventArgs and FeatureAddedEventArgs passed to the MapControl.Tools.FeatureAdding and MapControl.Tools.FeatureAdded event handlers respectively can be used to get the Feature object (e.g. Feature) being added to the Map.

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