Calculating Routine Budget in Confirm

Calculate Routine Budget is a utility in Confirm. It will generate details of how much money is required, in each Cost Code in each Period, to carry out the work currently programmed into Confirm as Routine Maintenance Regimes allocated to Features.

It is important to note that Cyclic Maintenance Regimes will not be included in the calculation.
Refer "Asset Maintenance/Maintenance Regimes" in Confirm Help file for more information on 'Routine' and 'Cyclic' Maintenance Regimes.

Following are the Pre-requisites for calculation:
  • Routine Maintenance Regimes, allocated to Features. See "Asset Maintenance\Maintenance Regimes" for information on creating and allocating Regimes. 
  • The SORs in the Maintenance Regimes priced under a Contract. See "Contract Preparation" for information on how Contracts are prepared and SORs priced under the Contract. 
The Calculate Routine Budgets filter simply requires a range of Finance Periods to be entered. Click on OK to carry out the calculation in each of the Finance Periods included in the range. Save the Preview report to allocate those amounts to each of the Cost Codes in each of the Finance Periods.

The Calculate Routine Budget utility can be re-run for the same period again, to take account of changes in Routine Maintenance which may have taken place since the first calculation was run.

UPDATED:  October 30, 2018