How to upgrade ConfirmConnect for v3.10.0 and above

Confirm: v3.10.0 and above

Upgrading from version 3.10.0 to any later versions will be driven by the web service, unless otherwise specified. Once the web service has been updated, devices will react in one of the following ways:

  1. When a user is already logged in.
    • A warning message will appear on the transfer screen indicating an update is available.
    • Complete any outstanding transfers and sign out.
    • Refer to "When a user is signed out" below.
  2. When a user is signed out.
    • On the sign in screen, when you tap away from the URL field or when the sign in button is pressed a version check will occur and ConfirmConnect will be updated to the same version as the web service if required.
    • Once the update completes, the sign in screen will be displayed again with an updated version number displayed below the sign in button.
    • Sign in once more to continue working
UPDATED:  August 24, 2017