Can MailStream Plus automatically turn palletization off or on, or can it automatically select to palletize by bundles or by sacks, to optimize a mailing?

Product affected: MailStream Plus™ - all versions and platforms
ALG PL parameter position 8 setting determines whether to palletize or not, and if to palletize, the type of palletization that will be done.

If the selection is to palletize by bundles then anything that cannot go on a pallet as a bundle will go into non-palletized sacks.

If the palletization selection is by sacks, then sacks will be palletized, and in some cases there still may be sacks that could not go onto pallets.

Once the value in ALG PL position 8 has been made, what can be controlled using other parameters are things like how small or large the pallets can and will be, etc.
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019