Cleanup or purging of tracking tables in Sagent repository

UPDATED: August 28, 2018

There is no functionality in Sagent to clean up or purge user or plan tracking tables directly. The 'Clean Up Repository' option in 'Sagent Admin' is used only to delete the items or objects marked for deletion by the user, for example, plans or users which are moved to 'Recycle bin'.

As a workaround, use following steps for maintaining and cleaning up tracking tables in the repository using 'sainrp' utility:
  1. Register the repository in Sagent Admin.
  2. Run 'sainrp' utility from 'Start > Run > sainrp'.
  3. Select the repository and choose the CSV directory to save the tracking tables.
  4. Check the connectivity with the selected repository.
  5. Select each tracking tables one by one and export in CSV format.
  6. Go to the directory where table is exported in CSV format.
  7. Rename the CSV file. For example 'sarp_track_plan.csv'.
  8. Make a copy of this CSV for backup.
  9. Clean up the data in the CSV (for example, delete whole data before 30 days or as per requirement).
  10. Import cleaned up CSV using sainrp.
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PS: Ensure the correct CSV directory path for these tables while import & export. Also, ensure to take a backup of those tables before performing cleanup to avoid accidental removal of records from the table(s).


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