Changing EngageOne Designer menu language

Windows - All
Is there a way to change the Designer Language on menus etc. without reinstalling the EngageOne Designer software?

Yes, there is a registry setting value that controls this. The language the Microsoft operating system is using when it is installed sets the value of the Designer Language. To change this value you need to do the following;
Start “regedit”;  
- under mode - change the value to the language you would like.
- IF - the chosen language DLL resources are installed - which they usually are, then this will switch Designer GUI

PLEASE - make a note of the value the workstation is set to first!

regedit tree
The 10 valid values for this field are,
  "0411" - Japanese (ja)
  "0412" - Korean (ko)
  "0804" – Chinese PRC (zh-CHS)
  "0407" - German (de)
  "040A" - Spain, Traditional (es)
  "040C" - French (fr)
  "0C0C" - French Canadian (fr-CA) 
  "0416"Portuguese Brazil (pt-BR)
  "0419" - Russian (ru)
  "0409"US English
UPDATED:  December 24, 2018