Creating the Mailstream Plus Statistics by Piece-ID information to report in a separate area

Products Affected: MailStream Plus™
Operating System: z/OS, Windows, Unix, IBMi
The MailStream Plus™ Statistics by Piece-ID report (and many other reports) can be a separate report from the default settings MSRPRPT or jobname.rpt

Use REPORT RUNSTATS to generate the MailStream Plus Statistical Report. This report contains information broken down by entry point, batch code, piece ID, list code, and/or key code. In position 60-67 Output Name Define the operating system-specific output name/assignment for the report.
(Note: IBMi cannot re-direct reports to a user specified location.)

NOTE: If the data information in the report defined exceeds a 132-byte print area, the report ignores the value in position 60-67. Instead, the information writes to a separate output file:
• Windows writes to:SET DD_MSRP256=%PBMSP%\data\%PBJOB%.256
• Unix/Linux writes to:DD_MSRP256="${PBMSP}/data/${PBJOB}.256";export DD_MSRP256
• z/OS writes to://MSRP256 DD SYSOUT=*,RECFM=FBA,LRECL=
• IBM® i writes to a separate and larger spool file called MSRP256 (instead of PRNTPRT) so the information is no longer truncated.
UPDATED:  March 15, 2019