Installation folder changes starting with CODE-1 Plus 4.2 on Windows

Products Affected:   CODE-1 Plus
Operating System: Windows
The CODE-1 Plus™ 4.2.0 release and subsequent releases for the Windows® platform installs into new Pitney Bowes folders.  By default, the folder that contains the scripts and data for running CODE-1 Plus™ jobs is:

[Public Documents]\Pitney Bowes\CODE-1 Plus)

This folder is identified by the PBC1PDOCS environment variable.

The following folders will now be installed into the Public Documents area:
  1. bin (contains files, scripts, and icons used to run/edit CODE-1 Plus™ jobs):
  • Batch files (such as SAMPLE.bat - batch installation verification procedure that runs the SAMPLE job)
  • Visual basic scripts (such as C1PJOB.VBS - utility to edit a CODE-1 Plus™ job batch file and C1PRun.VBS - runs a CODE-1 Plus™ job)
  • Icon files (.ico)
       2.  data (contains job parameters, report files, input name/address file, and output files generated by the job).

       3.  DB (contains databases).
UPDATED:  October 4, 2018