Issues when using Portrait Dialogue with Citrix

When using Portrait Dialogue with Citrix, anything having to do with transferring data between the client application and the server can be problematic because of the architecture of Citrix.
  • Each user will have a desktop in their personal profile on the Citrix terminal server.  
    • In most cases, files uploaded from the server will get uploaded to their Citrix desktop.
  • A Windows firewall running on the Citrix environment will block communication with Portrait Dialogue Application Server and the Portrait Dialogue Web Applications if it is not configured to allow the communication. 
  • The Citrix Z-Scalar Application Firewall can cause problems at the application level.
    • It can block some specific communication between Dialogue Server and Visual Dialogue
    • It can block some of the communication in the browser when connecting to the Dialogue web applications.
    • In some cases it can block communication with the database and a web application.
  • Where the local client PC is mapped for Citrix users, the network performance can suffer.  
    • This can be seen especially when uploading files to the server, or downloading files from the server.
  • Any third party software prerequisites for Visual Dialogue functionality, must be met on the Citrix Terminal Server.
    • When exporting files, lists or reports to an office application, such as MS  Excel, it is necessary to have MS Excel installed, for all users, on the Citrix Terminal server.
    • Opening a Letter template in MS Word, requires MS Word to be installed on the Citrix Server.  
UPDATED:  September 3, 2018