Diverting Event responses from database to a file in Portrait Dialogue

By Default event response are collected in Portrait System database inside 'system_events' table, however, the response can be collected in a file residing on the local machine. Following are the steps to achieve it:
  1. Navigate to 'C:\Portrait_Dialogue_Install_Dir\PST\Million Handshakes Web\MHWU' on the server.
  2. Open 'web.config' file, under 'appsettings' alter 'key=LogMethod' and replace 'Database' with 'File' and alter 'key=LogFileLocation' and add the file location at 'value=""'. For example, in the following snippet, events will be collected in events.txt in the 'C:' drive. It is highly recommended to take backup of the 'web.config' file.
<!-- Specifies the log method. Possible values: 'Database', 'File', 'DatabaseAndFile' or 'None'. The default 
is 'Database'.-->
<add key="LogMethod" value="File"></add>
<!--The location of the log file (must be a full path). Default is '<web share local path>/Log/'.-->
<add key="LogFileLocation" value="C:\events.txt"></add>
        3. Restart the MH Dialogue Server, MH Send Message and MH Receive Mail services in Microsoft Service Console.
        4. Recycle MH Dialogue Server in Component Services.
        5. Restart IIS.
        6. To collect the response in the database (system_events table), revert the changes in web.config file applied in step #1 and #2. Restart MH services and IIS as per
step #3,#4 and #5.
UPDATED:  September 14, 2018