CODE-1 Plus equivalent of CS OUT City/State Return Code in C1MATCHx P9OUT call area

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
The CS OUT City/State return code stores one of the following codes to indicate the reason the output city and state were not stored: 

• A — Apartment number missing or not found in database, and an apartment-level match was required.
• B — Insufficient (or blank) address match information.
• C — The probable correctness was higher than the specified maximum.
• D — Information was dropped during the match.
• H — House/box number not found on street.
• M — Multiple matches of equal quality were found.
• P — Primary City/State information returned for input ZIP Code when no match found to database.
• S — Street name not found in ZIP Code.
• U — Unavailable—auxiliary file processing.
• X — The only match was the default record.
• Z — ZIP Code not found in database.
• Blank — An output city/state was stored

When calling C1MATCHx, the P9OUT call area does not have an exact equivalent, however, the following two fields in P9OUT will provide additional information on the City/State status:

P9OICR (city match condition which resulted when the input city name was used to find a locality):

• B — No input city could be found.
• C — No match could be found for the input city/state.
• N — No locality attempt was made.
• Blank — Match successful.

P9OOCR (success or reason for failure of the final output city match attempt when trying to find the right city name for the ZIP Code determined):

• N — Not used.
• B — Input City is blank (could not be found).
• C — City/state mismatch.
• I — Input used, no cities available for ZIP Code.
• S — Spelling error(s) in input were corrected.
• Blank — Input city/state matched.
UPDATED:  September 21, 2018