Run MapInfo Pro 17.0.1 and higher in different languages (locals) with UiLocale as start parameter

MapInfo Pro™ 17.0.1 comes with 4 languages; English, French, German an Japanese. During installation the installer asks in which language the software should be installed.
But after one language is chosen, during the installation, MapInfo Pro can then be started in different languages with a start parameter UiLocale. With this parameter it can be run in different languages in different sessions even parallel to each other.

The parameters are:
  • -UiLocale=en        for the English UI
  • -UiLocale=de        for the German UI
  • -UiLocale=fr          for the French UI
  • -UiLocale=ja         for the Japanese UI
These can be used in a shortcut such as in the screen shot below:

User-added image

This will run MapInfo Pro 17.0.1 in English locale.
The full command looks like this:  "C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\MapInfoPro.exe" -UiLocale=en
The path to MapInfoPro.exe can vary depending on the location on the system. The above shows the default installation path.

Upcoming releases will include more and more languages. But MapInfo Pro 17.0.1, released on 05.09.2018, contains just 4 languages. 

Environment Details
Product affected: MapInfo Pro™ 17.0.1
UPDATED:  September 25, 2018