Enable 32-bit application support in Internet information Services Manager in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: Configurations
Before installing Portrait Dialogue Web Applications, 32-bit application support must be enabled from IIS Manager (Internet information Services Manager).

Following are the steps:
1. Navigate to IIS Manager (Start > RUN > Type 'inetmgr').
2. Expand Server and Select the 'Application Pool' under which 'MH' web application are running (DefaultAppPool is selected by default).
3. Right Click on the Application Pool > 'Advanced Settings'.


4. Under the 'General' tab, navigate to "Enable 32-Bit Applications", select 'True' and click OK.

5. Restart IIS (Start > RUN > Type 'CMD' > Type 'iisreset').
PS: If this feature is not enabled in IIS before Portrait Dialogue installation, then Web Applications installation may encounter error 'Error 1721.There is a problem with this Windows Installer package'.
UPDATED:  September 12, 2018