Can the "Confirm/Abort" message be disabled when saving a modified Dialog in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: Dialog setup

In Portrait Dialogue, when saving a modified Dialog, the pop-up message below appears, warning the user that there are operations in the Dialog that are running.
This pop-up offers the user the opportunity to abort them first.
Confirm - There are still some running operations of this dialog.
Do you want them to be aborted? /Yes/No/Cancel/

User-added image

This pop-up cannot be disabled because it serves an important function.  
While there are many changes that might have no impact on running operations, some changes can have a negative impact on the data related to operations that are running at the time.
This pop-up serves as a safety feature, giving users the opportunity to consider the changes that were made and determine if aborting first might be best.
UPDATED:  September 27, 2018