Can I put Package Services Machinable Parcels Carrier Route mail on pallets with MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ - all versions, all platforms 
No, MailStream Plus™ (MSP) cannot put Package Services Machinable Parcels Carrier Route mail on pallets. 

In MailStream Plus parameters, Package Services Machinable Parcels is indicated on the ML TYP parameter with 4 M.  For example-

If Carrier Route (CRRT) preparation is turned on with ALG CR position 16=Y (which is the default), then qualifying mail will be prepared as CRRT.  
The USPS Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) says in 265 9.4-
9.0 Preparing Carrier Route Parcels
 9.4 Preparing Machinable Parcels
  9.4.1 Required Carrier Route Sacking
   Machinable parcels may be prepared only in direct carrier route sacks. Each carrier route sack must contain a minimum of 10 addressed pieces or 20 pounds, whichever occurs first.
So CRRT Machinable Parcels have to go into direct carrier route sacks.

The DMM does not give any instructions as to how to presort direct carrier route sacks onto pallets, so at this time MSP leaves them as non-palletized sacks.  
If in the future the USPS clarifies in the DMM how to do such preparation, then MSP would be able to be revised to do it.

This applies to both ALG PL P and ALG PL B
DMM references are as of September 2018.
UPDATED:  December 27, 2018