Explanation of various output files returned by CODE-1 Plus when executing C1BM00

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus™
There are four output files that can be defined in a CODE-1 Plus job when executing the batch driver, C1BM00.  These are defined using the FILEDF parameter.  It is only required to have one output file defined, but if all four output files defined, here is a definition of each output file:

C1BMCOK:  This output file contains all the addresses CODE-1 Plus was able to find and return as a match.

C1BMNCO:  This output file contains all the addresses CODE-1 Plus was unable to find a valid match (the general return code will provide a code indicating the reason).

C1BMZP4:  This output file is a subset of the C1BMCOK file and is the most accurate for mailing purposes.  There are some addresses in the US Postal database that are considered  not deliverable even though they are valid addresses ("cemetery", for instance).  In these cases, CODE-1 Plus will return the address as valid but will not provide a +4.  This output file only contains those addresses that CODE-1 Plus was able to successfully match and provide a +4.

C1BMIZP:  This output file contains all records that have an invalid ZIP Code and CODE-1 Plus was unable to correct the ZIP Code because pf other factors such as the address was not found or the city/state did not correlate. Invalid ZIP's will have an alpha character for instance instead of five numerics.

If only the C1BMCOK file is specified, all the output records will be returned in the C1BMCOK file (unmatched addresses, invalid ZIP addresses, etc.).
UPDATED:  October 9, 2018