Will a scan be returned for a mail piece mailed at the Single piece rate using Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit

Product Affected:  MAIL360 Data Manager™/EngageOner™ Delivery Audit/EngageOner™ Inform
Product Feature: Job and Scans

If a presorted job has 1 mail piece and it does have the zip, plus4 and the delivery point barcode values with the Intelligent mail barcode placed on the mail piece will a scan be returned?
According to the USPS Informed Delivery, there is not a single answer for this:
Prerequisites for Receiving Tracking Data:
eDoc (mail.dat files) are required and there are exceptions.
“Visibility also depends on the mail object type, handling event type, and CRID or MID role. The CRID or MID role is defined for a specific mailing or mail object by the eDoc or barcode. For the business rules used to identify each CRID or MID role, see Appendix H: CRID and MID Role Identification. The following table provides the visibility requirements for each mail object type, handling event type, and CRID or MID role.”
“‡ Visibility of residual mail is only provided if the eDoc Submitter CRID had at least one month in the past three months in which 95% or higher of their Full-Service eligible pieces were mailed as Full-Service. NOTE: This requirement is temporarily on hold. Therefore, handling events are provisioned for residual mail when IV-MTR is able to generate the events. No data is suppressed.”
At the time of this question, Oct. 2018, no data is suppressed, you may receive scan information, but if the USPS put this back into place, it will depend upon your Full Service numbers.  With this said, we are not able to give you a definitive answer if you mail a single rate piece with eDoc if the scan information will be provided or not.
UPDATED:  October 12, 2018