New features in EngageOne Delivery Audit v3.0 and later releases

  • High Level items that are included EngageOne Delivery Audit 3.0 and later releases.
1. On-Demand OpenAM Authentication.
2. Single Source ACS
3. Hub Platform Upgrade
4. Automated Purge
5. User Session History Report.
6. Support for R-Imb.
  • For MRDF and MPDF files:
Mail360 expects a specific format of MRDF and MPDF files which is mentioned in our Installation guide. The user can either write their own tools/or program to generate these files in the specified format or the user can use Pitney Bowes product StreamWeaver to generate these files.
  • Days in System:
In order to calculate days on system, following steps needs to be performed:
 1. Determine the number of days between Start the clock/Job Mailing Date and the last scan received
 2. Calculate the number of Holiday and Sunday in between Start the clock/Job Mailing Date and the last scan received Number of Days = Step1 – Step 2 in nutshell, Days in system is the Number of days between Start the code/ Job Mailing date and Last Confirm scan received excluding any holiday and Sunday.
  • Estimated Delivery Date:
Delivery day(Estimated delivery date) is determined by considering type of class- First class or periodicals+starting ZIP+destination ZIP and no. of holidays Op codes with stop the clock information considered as delivered.

For detailed information about the new product release, refer Product Release Notes. Section 'Release 3.0.0 Highlights'.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2017