How to calculate PAA Response Date when PAA application was sent on a Friday

According to the EToN specification, under normal circumstances, the Permit Authority has one calendar month to respond, although this does not include the day on which the PAA notice was submitted (refer section 8.3.3. of the EToN specification).

In the following screenshots, PAA notice was received on 08/01/2016 (As per the screenshot #1) and PAA response date was set as 11/02/2016 (As per the screenshot #2).


Therefore, 08/01/2016 will not be counted. The count will start from the next working day which is 11/01/2016 (Jan 9 -10 are weekend days). One month would be 11/02/2016. Hence, PAA response date was set as 11/02/2016.

UPDATED:  April 21, 2017