Mail360 Data Manager 3.0.1S01 Patch Release

Mail360 Data Manager 3.0.1S01
This includes support for Database clustering using  AlwaysOn Availability Group of Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Enterprise servers (cluster)  and benchmarking of Multithreaded processing of input file that will enhance the performance of Mail360 Data Manager
  • Mail360 Database support for Clustering using AlwaysOn High Availability Group of MS SQL Server 2012
  • Performance benchmarking of Multithreaded processing messages
  • Usage data hot fix for improving the application performance in collecting the Usage data and generating the Report
The Hot Fix release is now available for download from This release includes fix for the Usage Report performance issue present in 3.0.0 and previous releases. Read the ReadMe document packaged with the installation setup for more information and installation instructions.
In the readme – On page 1 you will find:
To install this Hot Fix, please complete the following instructions. This Hot Fix can be installed over MAIL360 Data Manager™ 3.0.0 and previous supported versions. It contains updates to the MAIL360 Data Manager Database component. No application configuration changes are required.
Note: After applying this Hot Fix, if you upgrade to a higher version, then you have to apply the Hot Fix again on that version. For example, you have just applied this Hot Fix on your current application version, say 2.4.0. In future, if you upgrade from version 2.4.0 to 2.5.0, then you have to apply this fix again on version 2.5.0 and so on till version 3.0.0. This Hot Fix will also be included in the future releases….”

Please refer to these documents and the full Readme for updated information:

These are available for download from


UPDATED:  April 10, 2017