Updating Site Ward or Area using Import Data Utility in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
You may update Sites in bulk by utilising the Import Data Utility (module 3020 required) and the Import Anything specification in Confirm®.

Prior to doing so, please always try the import on a smaller amount of data and in a non-production environment.

To update the Site Area, please see the format required in the Import Anything Specification (Specifications > Import Anything Specification) under Sites.

The example below show's how to update the Area field:
1,Central Site,Code,Name,Area
2,Central Site,2000002,A303 - AMESBURY TO HAMPTON,PT

Both the Site Code and Name are mandatory in the file.

Note: Information will be updated on the Site record(s), but will not be cascaded down to associated Feature records. This can be done via Utilities in the Confirm Client or Import Anything's Feature specification.

Something else to be aware of when importing are the following:
Site State Code4CharacterDefault to NCA
Site State Date DateSet to current date if Site State Code is supplied and Site State Date is blank.
Site Surface Code4CharacterDefault to NCA
The values above may be added to the import file so that you don't have to retrospectively import these back into the system. Continuing on from the example above, the below excerpt depicts this:
1,Central Site,Code,Name,Area,Site State Code,Site State Date,Site Surface Code
2,Central Site,2000002,A303 - AMESBURY TO HAMPTON,PT,ST02,20/09/2010,SS01

Note: The data given in the examples may differ from your Confirm configuration. Please also ensure that the Import Anything System Settings have been configured accordingly.
UPDATED:  June 19, 2018