username password authentication in ServiceWeb2

UPDATED: September 7, 2017

Is it possible to authenticate with a username and password in Vault Serviceweb2?  The customer's concern is that  once any person has access to this web client code and has access to our network, they have full access to all vault data without any validation of who it is. So, is there a version of this product that we can use to pull pdf’s, that will be more secure, like enforce a user id and password or something?

As of Vault 7.2, the answer is no.  See below for details.  But this should be available in the upcoming Vault 7.3 version of SW2.

1. For ServiceWeb2, we do not have username/password authentication right now. However when Vault 7.3 is released later this year, we will have a user/password secure solution in Serviceweb2.

2. We have not tested ServiceWeb2 under Citrix, but it may be possible for SW2 to run successfully in that environment.

Environment Details

Vault 7.2 and earlier


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