Count values for a Thematic map not displaying consistent justification in Legend Designer

The Count values shown to the right of a range name or label (#) for a range Thematic map are not displaying consistent justification in the Legend Designer when the default range Labels are altered. The actual ranges that create the theme are not customized. Only the Label is renamed to be more "friendly" or customized from the default.

When the labels use a dash " - " with or without spaces or a "less than sign" " < " is used in the labeling of the ranges, the justification of the values in parenthesis (representing the count of records that fall in each range) no longer remain "right-justified".

The workaround is to select the frame in the legend and resize the width of the frame slightly.  The count values in parenthesis should then realign and become right justified.

This workaround is only available within the GUI of MiPro and cannot be accomplished via MapBasic code at this time.

This has been filed as bugs:  MIPRO-79090 and MIPRO-79092
At this time, there is no specific version or date when a fix will be implemented.
UPDATED:  March 31, 2017