How to create an installation log in MapInfo Professional

In windows Explorer, find the cmd.exe file (usually in the System32 folder, usually at C:\Windows\System32), right click and select run as administrator.

Then in the command window, change to the directory location where the MapInfo Pro installer has been copied down to the users’ system (i.e. type cd <path to MapInfo Pro installer folder containing the setup.exe>), then type something like: setup.exe /v”/L*v <path to location where you want to put the log file>\MapInfoPro.log”. 

If the setup, the .msi and the cab file (these 3 files install Pro) are copied to
c:\Temp folder, the following command could be run:

setup.exe /v"/L*v C:\TEMP\MapInfoPro.log"

After running the command, the install log (MapInfoPro.log) will be present in the folder designated (c:\temp for this example), and can be forwarded to Support for troubleshooting

UPDATED:  July 26, 2017