How to schedule Reserve Account deposits

Simplify your payments for postage and schedule your deposits to the Reserve Account.
Before setting up the scheduled pay option:
  • Contact your Bank: Most banks require the Pitney Bowes Bank ID number to set up the Scheduled Payment Option. The Pitney Bowes Bank ID number is 9601631001.
Important: Contact your bank at least two days before setting up Scheduled Pay so they will have the Pitney Bowes Bank ID number prior to processing your Scheduled Pay.
  • It can take your bank 1-2 business days to add the Pitney Bowes Bank ID number to their system. Please confirm with your bank that it is in the system before setting up Scheduled Pay.
Follow these steps to schedule payments or make changes to your existing Reserve Account preferences:
  1. Sign In to your account. TIP: If you have not already, easily create an account online
    1. Under the section, Your Financials, select the link: Prepaid Accounts Overview.
prepaid accounts link
  1. Go directly to your Prepaid Accounts Overview > Sign In Now.
  1. Your Prepaid Accounts Overview displays details for each of your accounts. If you have more than one account, be sure to select the Reserve Account you wish to schedule payments.
  2. Select the link: Schedule a Deposit.
schedule deposit
  1. The next screen requests information needed to schedule your postage payments electronically to the Pitney Bowes Reserve Account. You'll receive a notification each time postage is added to your account and you'll receive detailed statements. To proceed, select Continue.
  2. Enter your deposit preferences and select Submit. Your scheduled deposit will take effect within 1-3 business days.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2018