Explanation as to why CODE-1 Plus may not make a match when input ZIP is incorrect

Product Feature: Addressing questions / Issues
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus

In previous releases (4.0 and earlier), CODE-1 Plus had issues with poorly scored matches when trying to match outside of a ZIP Code.  Poorly scored indicates that we were returning addresses that were not accurate when certain criteria was met.  With current versions of CODE-1 Plus, a poor enough score outside of the input ZIP Code will no longer match.  The address below falls into that category as CODE-1 Plus has to drop the entire first line of data to get the match and we base the score on the number of characters that have to be dropped.  If the number is high enough, we will not return an invalid match and instead return a no-match.  

     Firm name:
Secondary Addr:  255 E 5TH ST
  Primary Addr:     2800 CHEMED CENTER
      ZIP Code: 45209    
UPDATED:  October 13, 2017