How to restrict user access to folders with Spectrum Miner

In a client server installation of Spectrum Miner (FKA: Portrait Miner) all Miner users must have log-on access to the server.
It may be preferable to restrict user access to certain drives or folders on the Server.
Restricting access to certain resources on the server is a system issue, not a product issue.

There are various approaches to solving this issue, but our preferred method is to use Active Directory Groups to control access.
There are three steps involved, which need to be performed by the server administrator:
  1. Define an Active Directory group to which all users who you want to restrict device or directory access will belong.
  2. Modify the User’s security profile to make them a member of this group.
  3. Set up the device(s) and/or directory(s) such that the group you created in stage 1 is denied access.
UPDATED:  September 27, 2017