How to turn off overflow trays using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Parameters
Operating System: All Platforms

When using MailStream Plus™(MSP) and presorting Automation and Machinable letters, we sometimes see a full tray to a 5-Digit, say 12345 and then an overflow tray to the same 5-Digit 12345 and the overflow tray only has a few pieces.
How do we send these pieces to the AADC level?
MSP has the ALG LV parameter with position 20: F - Roll overflow mail to the next level preserving rate.
ALG LV             F   A
ALG LV             F   U
  • The A in position 24 is for the Automation presort group.
  • The U in position 24 is for the Machinable presort group.
If you also want to use the ALG LV parameters to assign trays types, make sure these come last and add the value to your ALG LV parameter.  If you want to only use EMM trays, place the E in position 14 and 16 also:
ALG LV       E E
ALG LV       E E   F   A
ALG LV       E E   F   U
UPDATED:  April 17, 2019