How to understand Resource Server SQL user in EngageOne Content Author

Product Feature: Configuration Manager
At the time of installing EngageOne Content Author, in the Content Author Configuration Manager in the Resource Server Tab, a user has to be specified to connect to the Resource Server database.
In the screenshot below, the user is specified as 'ResourceServerUser' and the database name is 'ResourceServer'.

User-added image

When the script in the CA Configuration Manager is applied by clicking on the 'Apply' button, the user specified will be created in the 'ResourceServer' database in SQL Server. 

In SQL Server, the user is located under the Security Tab > Logins section.

To verify the 'ResourceServerUser' is correctly mapped to the 'ResourceServer' database, right click and open the user properties and under User Mapping section, ensure the map checkbox is enabled for this user for the 'ResourceServer' database.

User-added image

The 'ResourceServerUser' is the user that Content Author Services use to connect to the Resource Server database to request for resources (fonts, images, etc).
UPDATED:  October 12, 2017