What versions of Mail.dat will be supported using MailStream Plus 8.3.5. and tentative release date

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Mail.dat / PostalOne!
Operating System: All Platforms
MailStream Plus 8.3.3 produces the 17-1 and 15-1 Mail.dat versions.  What Mail.dat versions will be supported using MailStream Plus 8.3.5?
MailStream Plus 8.3.5 will support the 17-2 and 17-1 Mail.dat versions. In January, if the new proposed rates go into effect, 15-1 will no longer be supported, so that is why it was not added to MailStream Plus 8.3.5.

MailStream Plus 8.3.5 has not been released but is expected to be released in mid-December 2017.


UPDATED:  November 22, 2017