How to add your company/council logo to Spectrum Spatial Analyst page

Adding council logo can be done by following the steps in this guide

Same steps in more detail:

1) Create a copy of the analyst\theme\branding\default folder and rename to any brand name you wish. In this example, we have used ‘council’
     User-added image

2) Create a copy of the analyst\theme\banner\default folder and rename. Note that this step is optional and you could just edit the contents in the default folder itself.

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3) Edit the file brand.css in \theme\branding\council folder (from step 1) and specify new banner file. Here it's pointed to the ‘theme/banner/council’ folder (from step 2).
Remove the /* and */ bits as they comment out the contents
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4) Place your logo image file in \theme\banner\council folder. Edit the banner.css file in same folder and rename the #productlogo to your council logo

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5) Lastly, point the map configuration to this brand, via SSA admin console

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UPDATED:  November 30, 2017