How to use LinkedHosts in Dialog Admin

The Portrait Dialogue Server has to be installed on each Linked Host

For the Instance properties

  • Enable Dialog Manager service is only enabled on the server that will handle Visual Dialogue activity, like running dialogues etc. 
  • Enable Send Messages service should only be enabled on the server where the messages will be sent from. 
  • Enable Receive Mail service should only be enabled on the server that will be receiving mails. 
  • In one Dialogue installation, these services should only be active in one place, on one server. 
The Help text in Dialogue Admin says:


In multiple server installations this parameter should contains a list of the server names running this instance of Portrait Dialogue.
Server names are separated by semicolons.
Example: MHServer01;MHServer02.
In single server installations this parameter can be set to a blank string.

Essentially, what the LinkedHosts setting does is it allows you to have the COM+ application running on multiple servers all pointing to the same database.

To make this possible, it synchronizes the cached data between them.

This is NOT in any way about clustering, fault tolerance or failover.

What it can do is divide up the work done by the MH Dialogue Server COM+ application between multiple COM+ servers.
The Architecture of a Dialogue solution can separate tasks out to different physical (or virtual) Windows servers.

You can have separate servers for the Application Server, The Internal Web Server, External Web Server, Send Message Server, Receive Mail Server.

If these are set up as Linked Servers, each one will be running its own COM+ application to communicate directly with the database.



UPDATED:  October 10, 2017