How to increase the Send and Recieve timeout in Web.config file in Portrait HQ

Following are the steps to increase the Timeout:

1. Navigate to '<Portrait Install folder>\PST\Portrait Shared Server\Marketing HQ'
2. Take backup of 'Web.config' file.
3. Open 'Web.config' file in a text editor (Ex. Notepad++).
4. Scroll down to '<bindings>' or search for 'bindings' in the 'Web.config' file
5. Increase the 'sendTimeout' and 'receiveTimeout' to 10 minutes. (Ex. receiveTimeout="00:10:00").
6. Save and close the file.

The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout' the Send and Receive timeout needs to be increased in Web.config file in Portrait HQ.

UPDATED:  November 3, 2017