How to modify or add custom DD statements when using Windows MailStream Plus or the Windows User Interface

Product Feature: Parameters

Operating System: Windows

Database: N/A

Configuration: N/A
The below discusses applying custom REPORT DDs in the Windows 'User Interface'.  The same option and settings apply to REPORT parameters in batch jobs

When using the User Interface, and you want to add new DD's for where the reports get written to, make the changes in the MSDR00_UI.BAT file, which is (likely) located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Pitney Bowes\MSP\bin folder.  

Say the Audit Trail report is wanted to be written to filename MSPAUDIT using this parameter-
REPORT AUDITTRL                                            MSPAUDIT

Positions 60-67 give the new output filename wanted.  As the MailStream Plus (MSP) Guide says, a new DD for the filename must be added-
For Windows (and FYI for z/OS, and Unix) use any external file name of up to 8 characters in positions 60-67.  As delivered, our Scripts and JCL have default names that the reports go to.  If you choose to use this feature, it is your responsibility to define the output file in the Script or JCL as necessary.

For example in the section of the MSDR00_UI.BAT-
:: Alternate Print files
it starts like this-

An additional DD line needs to be added-

Note- the User Interface and the MSDR00_UI.BAT are what MSP uses, and will be re-written with each install of the software.  So you will need to add the custom DD(s) lines back after each MSP installation on the Windows PC.
UPDATED:  January 19, 2018