How to record the cost(s) of repair as an Observation against a Structure in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®, ConfirmConnect™
Product feature: Condition Survey, Structures Toolkit
You currently record your bridge span condition inspection observations with grades, comments and works required on the bridge record but there is also a way to record the costs required to put right if there are issues (other than raising a Defect and applying costs there). For example your Bridge Officer is looking for a way to show a bridge requires work and what the estimated cost would be. 

An Observation Parameter may be associated with an Observation Type, and an Observation Type may be included among the Conditions associated with a Feature Group. So putting this into practice to accomplish this particular goal:
  1. You will need to create an Observation Type record for 'Cost' that is of the Numerical type. The Observation Parameter as per Step 2 will need to be chosen for this Observation Type.
  2. Set up an Observation Parameter also for 'Cost'. This will have an NA (Not Application) value (option) by default, we need to add another row for Specified Value, in fact similar to the example shown in the Help section for the Observation Parameter screen. It will need to have a range specified using the Minimum and Maximum fields; will need to have Acceptable selected, however not the NA checkbox. Again, see the Help for an excellent example of this.                                                                     
  3. The Observation Type you created in Step 1 will need to be included in the Feature Group's Conditions for the Feature Group that corresponds to a Bridge. You will then be given the option cascade this Observation Type down to existing Bridge Features. Allowing this will place the Condition in the Feature Condition table, accessible by selecting the Other button on the Feature form and selecting Conditions.
  4. Finally, you will need to add the Observation Type to the appropriate Inspection Type that pertains to the Structures Inspection Routes, this (along with configuration in Step 3) will allow your inspectors to be able to see it on the device.

With all the above successfully completed, you should now be able to enter the 'Cost' observation when inspecting Bridge Features in Confirm® or ConfirmConnect™.

Note: This will typically need to be applied at the Bridge (parent) level as opposed to the Span (child) level, to avoid confusion with BCI Inspection (if configured).

UPDATED:  October 23, 2017