How to export focus in Excel format in Spectrum Miner

Spectrum Miner allows a user to export a Focus from Miner Explorer in third-party format.

Following are the steps to export a Focus in Excel format to remote location.
1. Open Miner Explorer and navigate to Focus needs to be exported.
2. Right click on the focus and select 'Export | for Another Program'.
3. In the 'Export for Another Program window', select Microsoft Excel 2007 in 'Output Format'.
4. In 'Output file Name', type the remote location of the folder and file name. (Ex.: \\machine_name_or_IP\Shared_folder_name\Focus_name.xlsx) and click on 'Go'.

  1. The user (logged in to Spectrum Miner) must have access to the folder which exists on a remote location.
  2. Click here to get list of third-party format.

UPDATED:  November 21, 2017