How to export crosstab result in Excel in Spectrum Miner

On Miner Production server, the 'Crosstab to Excel' icon Microsoft_Excel_Icon.png will not work if Microsoft Office is not installed on the server. In this scenario, following ways to export Crosstab resultto to Microsoft Excel.
1. Install Microsoft Office on the Miner Production Server and then the 'Crosstab to Excel' icon is automatically configured.
2. Install a Miner Client on a Machine (Windows 7 ,8 or 10) where Microsoft Office is installed and then click on 'Crosstab to Excel' icon to export the result to Excel.
3. On the server, where Miner Server is installed, Open 'Crosstab | File | Export | Crosstab as CSV'. Save the file on first on server and from there copy it to any remote location or shared folder. Note: While typing the name of the file make sure to type the extension of the file (Ex.:CrossTabExport.csv).


For detailed information about 'export to excel', please press F1 on Miner Decision Studio and search for topic 'Exporting tabular data from Decision Studio'.

UPDATED:  November 21, 2017