How to know where MailStream Plus will put invalid ZIP Code pieces when using NDC PT, SCF PT, or ADC PT parameters.

As MailStream Plus (MSP) reads in the records to be presorted, it determines if the ZIP Code in a record is valid.  Either looking at just the first 3-digits only, or all 5-digits, depending on ZIP IN position 28.
(MSP can not verify that the ZIP Code is correct for the address, just that it exists in the USPS’s ZIP Code table.)
1) As always, if a record has an invalid ZIP Code, and there is a FILEDF MSSTOR in the job, the record will be written to the reject output file.
Otherwise, when using NDC PT, SCF PT, or ADC PT parameters-
2) If the job has a *default entry point defined in the job, invalid records will be assigned to it. 
3) If there is no default entry point, then invalid ZIP Code records will follow the normal process of entry point assignment as the valid ZIP Code records do, based on the job settings.

*Note- if the job contains an EP MIN and/or EP ROL parameter, then a default entry point is required.
UPDATED:  October 27, 2017