How to set up default values for Spectrum Miner Scorecard Wizard

Product Feature: Scorecard Wizard
When using the Spectrum Miner Scorecard Wizard, there are some parameter values you can set in the user interface, and others that you can't.

All the default values are stored in <minerHome>\ext\scorecardwizard\defaults.ini and their purpose and function are described in that file.
Settings you would like to change can be put into an .ini file which will override the default values.
You would name this file something significant, such as mysettings.ini for example.
To use this settings file, run qsscorecardwizard mysettings.ini from the command line.
This will run the command line version of the scorecard wizard, overriding the defaults with the values in the settings file.

If you run the following command (from <miner8Home>\server\qs8.0\win32\bin or <miner8Home>\server\qs8.0\win64\bin) it will tell you where to find the defaults.ini file. 
qsscorecardwizard.exe -help
It will return this information:
Usage: qsscorecardwizard settings.ini
See C:\SpectrumMiner80\ext\scorecardwizard\defaults.ini for supported parameters

UPDATED:  October 31, 2017