How to know if MailStream Plus will give Destination Discounts to mail on RES (Courtesy) pallets

MailStream Plus, all versions, all platforms
Courtesy pallets can be created in MailStream Plus (MSP) using PL LVL and the RES pallet code.  They are pallets that are not per the USPS regulations in the Domestic Mail Manual, and are considered mainly useful for mail transportation purposes.

To get the Destination Discount for a mail on a pallet, the pallet level has to be a certain level or above (a finer level).  If the pallet is below a certain level mail on it is not entitled to a Destination entry discount.
In the pallet hierarchy, technically the RES pallet level is at the bottom, therefore down 'below' the pallet levels that are entitled to any destination discounts at any destination entry points.  So MSP does not give Destination Discounts to mail on Courtesy pallets.  
UPDATED:  October 31, 2017