How to input Spoilage into EngageOne™ Delivery Audit (previously called Mail360 Data Manager)

Spoilage is when a mailpiece was included in the original presort (and in the job’s mail piece file that goes into Mail360 Data Manager (DM) but the piece later got physically damaged, and was not mailed out.  
Information about spoiled pieces is input into the DM database via Mail.dat files.  Normally a third-party Mail.dat editor is used to update the original Mail.dat files (which the presort software generated), to modify the pbc or pdr and other files  to indicate the spoilage that had occurred.  Then the modified Mail.dat files are input into DM so it knows about the spoilage.
DM can also generate spoilage reports. 
For more information, consult the Users Guide for your version of EngageOne™ Delivery Audit (previously called Mail360 Data Manager.)
UPDATED:  October 31, 2017