What happens when AllowOutOfView is set to True or False in MapXtreme

UPDATED: November 1, 2017

If AllowOutOfView is set to True:

If the Geometry of a line or polygon goes partially out of Map View, then the reference point of the label will be recalculated as per the geometries which lies only within Map view.

For example: if a line with the coordinate {(0,0) to (0,10)} is drawn in Map View, then reference position for this label will be (0,5) (centroid of the line). After Zooming, the line is partially drawn {(0,0) to (0,6)} in the Map View. The reference position for this label will shift to (0,3) as per the centroid of the line within the Map View.

If AllowOutOfView is set to False:

The labels display will not refresh and it will move as user pans the Map View.

Currently, There is no way to always show the label within Map View if geometries goes out of Map View after operating ZoomIn/ZoomOut. Label only shows as per the centroid position of Geometries.

Environment Details

Products Affected: MapXtreme.NET


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