Why does MailStream Plus prepare mail to an SCF (SCF 125) if that mail is entered at a different SCF (SCF 120)?

MailStream Plus, all versions, all platforms
November 1, 2017
This issue was about SCF 125 (MID-HUDSON NY) and SCF 120 (ALBANY NY), but can apply to similar situations to other SCFs.
A user asked why MailStream Plus (MSP) was preparing mail to SCF 125, when the user says mail to that SCF is apparently currently to be entered at the SCF 120 facility?

Per the current L005 SCF Labeling Lists, SCF 125 is still a valid SCF.  Even if SCF 125 mail is currently being processed at SCF 120.   (For some USPS reason..  Maybe the SCF 125 facility is being worked on, or is being phased out, or some other reason.)
But that does not mean SCF 125 no longer exists.  It still does per the USPS's L005.  And so MSP prepares mail for it in the normal manner.  The mailer would need to know that at this time, SCF 125 mail is to be *entered* at the same physical location as SCF 120.

This situation specifically relates to the September, October, and November 2017 USPS data (and maybe earlier and later ones, but those are the 3 on the FAST site at the time this article is being written.)
UPDATED:  November 1, 2017