How to know how MailStream Plus populates Mail.dat CSM-1106 "Mail.dat Facility Type"

MailStream Plus, all versions, all platforms
Mail.dat Field Code CSM-1106 is labelled "Mail.dat Facility Type" in MailStream Plus (MSP), or "Entry Point for Entry Discount - Facility Type" in the Idealliance Mail.dat Standards.

By default, that field is populated based on the value found in entry point ENT PT parameter position 64 (or position 64 of entry point parameters ADC PT, NDC PT, or SCF PT if being used.)  If blank, there are defaults for position 64 that are listed in the MSP Guide for each of the xxx PT parameters.

CSM-1106 can also be populated with an xx INF parameter (RP INF, EP INF, or BATINF), and using the subkeyword MDMFEP.  A value can be used in position 41 of the parameter (i.e. position 7 of the data area.)  Note: if MDMFEP is present and has a value in position 41, that value will be used instead of the value from any entry point parameter discussed above.

For more information about the parameters mentioned, please refer to the MSP Guide.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2017